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Account & Settings

How can I subscribe?

Click on the “Subscriptions” link in the side navigation. This will take you to our product overview. Select the appropriate product and period (monthly or yearly) and click on “Upgrade Now”. You can then safely enter your payment details and complete the purchase.

How can I cancel my subscription?

Click on the “Subscriptions” link in the side navigation. This will take you to our product overview. Click on the “Cancel subscription” link under your current product.

What happens to my projects when the trial period expires?

Don’t worry, all your projects and results are preserved and can still be accessed. However, to start new simulations and optimizations, an upgrade is necessary.

How can I change my email address?

Please write an email to support ( to change your email address.


How do I create a new project?

Simply click on “New Project” at the top right of the dashboard. This will create a new project with which you can continue working directly.

How can I adjust more project settings?

On the project detail page, you can adjust the name, status, and customer of the project in the “Project Parameters” tab.

What do the project statuses mean?

You can assign the project status yourself to structure and filter your projects. This helps you keep track of future (Drafts), ongoing (In Progress), and completed (Completed) projects.

How can I increase the number of defined projects?

A product upgrade automatically increases the maximum number of your projects. Currently, you can choose between the Essential and Enterprise packages.

Results & Solutions

Why are results sometimes different for the same input parameters?

During optimization, simulations are created for each of the numerous configurations. Random generators play a role in simulating the effects as diversely and realistically as possible. As in reality, some years might have more sunshine, and some less, and it’s distributed differently across days. This can lead to variations with the same input parameters.

How are the optimized solutions determined?

Based on your input parameters, hundreds or thousands of possible configurations are created. These are simulated and analyzed. With the help of AI, the configurations are improved until an optimal solution from an average of 1060 options is found.

Optimisation Parameters

What data/assumptions are the calculations based on?

The calculations for the simulation are based primarily on physical conditions, historical meteorological weather data, and product properties. The latter can often be adjusted by you, such as the charging power or the efficiency of charging stations.

On what parameters can I optimize my projects?

You can currently optimize on the following parameters:

  • Minimization of investment costs
  • Minimization of TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)
  • Minimization of Annual Costs
What does TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) mean?

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) refers to the total costs of configurations. This includes both investments and operation and maintenance over the defined period, taking into account the specified interest rate. This allows different configurations to be better financially assessed and compared.

What is the difference between “Yearly Costs” and “Investment costs”?

The Yearly costs are the average annual operating costs, while the investment costs take into account the initial costs for installation, setup, and purchase.