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Elektrische Träume: Die elbwire Reise von Thorsten Sobe und seinem vielfältigen Team zur Revolution der Mobilität 

In einer nicht allzu fernen Zukunft, wo smarte Kaffeemaschinen die Morgenroutine beherrschen und Autos leiser summen als eine Fliege am Sonntagnachmittag, da lebt Thorsten Sobe, der Steuermann des Startup-Schiffes namens elbwire, das über die Elbe schippert. Thorsten, dessen Leidenschaft für Elektromobilität mitreißender wirkt als eine Gute-Laune-Playlist, verfolgte eine klare Mission: Er will der Welt zeigen, […]

RECHARGE TOMORROW Event: Eine nachhaltige Reise in die Zukunft der erneuerbaren Energie und Mobilität 

Die Welt steht an einem Wendepunkt, an dem nachhaltige Technologien und grüne Innovationen die Schlüssel zur Gestaltung unserer Zukunft sind. In diesem Kontext freuen wir uns, Gastgeber des Events RECHARGE TOMORROW im Bethaus zu sein, das sich auf die Förderung erneuerbarer Energiequellen und nachhaltiger Mobilität konzentrierte.  Ein Blick auf das Event:  Nächstes Jahr wird die […]

Stationary batteries – The stabiliser of the sustainable energy transition 

As the world makes a monumental shift towards renewable energy, stationary batteries are emerging as pivotal components in this transition. These energy storage solutions are more than just backup power sources; they’re enablers of a more sustainable, efficient, and reliable energy grid. Let’s delve into their importance, the challenges faced, and how digitization and AI […]

Navigating the Road Ahead: Our Journey at IAA Mobility 2023 

In the ever-evolving landscape of the automotive industry, the IAA Mobility 2023 in Munich emerged as a festival of innovations and a celebration of sustainable mobility. As a first time exhibitor, our experience was nothing short of exhilarating. We‘ll take you on a ride through our journey at this year’s IAA Mobility, where electric mobility […]


Driving down the highway is always quite fast. So was the development of an eHighway variant. An irritated look out of the window while driving, has raised many question what the long and high lines have to do here. Much too high for conventional electric vehicles, so what is the function behind it?    Explanation of […]

Renewable Energy 

Definition Renewable Energy  The famous 5 for all blackout cases. When fossil fuels give up the ghost, the 5 types of renewable energy really start to heat up. Renewable energies contrast with fossil fuels, infinitely available or renew themselves in a short time independently again. Due to these characteristics, renewable energy has become one of […]

How does an electric car work?

Pulling the plug at the right moment is taking on a new meaning in the vehicle industry. We are talking about electric cars. Powered by electricity, they are conquering the world’s roads and are increasingly competing with conventional vehicles.  The comparison   Basically, electric cars are quite simple. The main difference between e-vehicles and conventional cars […]